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Underwater Windows

Impermeabilización de piscinas

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Water is wellness.

The goal of waterproofing a swimming pool is Fast, reliable, tight

That is why we have been working with Aqaufin rs 300 for years.

These special advantages of AQUAFIN®-RS300 offer opportunities for planners architects and application companies, as nothing more with this prevent quick and effective sealing work realize. In particular for building sealing work that must be carried out under time pressure and very unfavorable climatic conditions.

In fact, the product is so good that it is possible to fix drain plates in just 6 hours and replenishment of the construction pit is possible after 24 hours! Sealing applications in closed rooms or objects (waters, biogas basins, etc.) are possible, despite the high water vapor saturation effect, sufficient in application without forced drying with dehumidifiers, etc.!

Features and benefits Apply quickly

• without primer on damp surfaces

• brush, chip and spray able

• super fast curing, even under extremely harsh conditions, such as low temperatures

• quickly loadable with rain, seepage water possible after 6 hours after 24 hours of pressurized water after approx. 72 hours

• can be covered with tiles after approx. 6 hours

• can be covered with drain and insulation plates after approx. 6 hours Reliable

• has very high crack bridging, 60% more flexible

• vapor diffusion, frost, UV and aging resistant

• has extremely good bonding / pulling values

• highly pressure resistant

• for wet cells, balconies, terraces and swimming pools

• suitable for use in load classes A and B in accordance with DIN 18195, part 7 and classes A0 and B0, in accordance with ZDB Merkblatt Close

• reactive self-cross linking curing

• light, very creamy application

• waterproof in accordance with DIN 1045 Ask for our options